Interview x Christopher de Leon x STREET DREAMS

Check out the interview below with Christopher de Leon about his show “Street Dreams”:

The All-American Dream by Christopher de LeonHow did you two meet and decide to show together?

I met Eric a few years ago via Instagram. Liked his work and he always seemed down to help out with a show I was putting on here at 1AM.

Why did you choose to use pyrography (wood burning) in your works?
Pyrography is something I’ve messed around with for sometime. I’ve always wanted an chance to produce a full show with the medium. It’s a medium that is also rarely seen and done at the level that I’m trying to reach with it. In all honesty, I just like it.
What is the weirdest/craziest/most interesting interaction you’ve had with the homeless community?
Most craziest moment I’ve had with a homeless person is when I first moved here. I gave half of my subway sandwich to a guy asking for money and he took the sandwich and threw it across the street. he said he asked for “a fucking dollar and not a sandwich.”

NEW Class Dates! x Stencil x Art of Graffiti x Business x Toy Mod

People are already starting to ask about our upcoming classes and we finally have the schedule! But first, a little snapshot from some of our past students: Mural Production Class in San Francisco
This quarter we’ll be hosting the:
Art of Graffiti Series – a fun series of three classes aimed at: developing your style, learning the tricks and art of how to use a spray can, and designing your own outside piece! Learn from the best: Jurne, Vogue & Nate!
Stencil Class – an introductory class about the art and how-to of creating a stencil from start to finish!
Starting A Small Creative Business Class – a beginner’s guide on how to start your endeavor and all the important steps to beginning your own creative business, with one-on-one Q&A at the end!
Toy Modification Class – an informational based class on the tools of the trade of toy customization and how to create your wildest characters!

Sign up now! Email for further questions!


Iwok and Rekor graffiti piece

What Do You Desire? – Alan Watts

A little video for your day.

PRINT RELEASE: Headlands by Victor Reyes

New print release by artist Victor Reyes: “Headlands” is a 24″ x 36″ 4-Color Serigraph screen print on 100lbs French archival pop-tone print-making paper.

"Headlands" by Victor ReyesHeadlands Print by Victor Reyes



























“Headlands” is a broken abstraction illustrated from a painting of Reyes’ signature black and white motifs. Four opposing colors overlap and reveal other images emerging from the darkness of translucent layers.

Limited quantities available here for $100/print.

GASO x West Coast

Gaso spray paint graffiti piece

“Street Dreams” x Setup Photos x Opening Tonight!

Photographer Francis Ramos came by during the week to get some snapshots of Christopher de Leon and Eric “Emagn1″ Nodora at work in the gallery. Can’t wait to open the show tonight at 6:30PM, see you there! "Street Dreams" by Francis Ramos "Street Dreams" by Francis Ramos (more…)

Studio Visit x Eric “Emagn1″ Nodora x “Street Dreams”

We went to visit Eric “Emagn1″ Nodora in the studio and got a quick snapshot of an in-progress painting: Eric "Emagn1" Nodora
We’ll see you at the opening of “Street Dreams” tomorrow night, 6:30-9:30pm!
For inquiries, email

FACEBOOK x Team-Building Workshop x 1AM Gallery!

Facebook recently got down to the gallery for one of our biggest workshops yet! They sprayed T-shirts, experienced a bit of 6th Street, and learned the art of the can while putting up their own piece that said “CONNECT”, we hope to see you guys again soon! Facebook Workshop Facebook Workshop (more…)

Christopher de Leon & Eric “Emagn1″ Nodora x “Street Dreams”

1AM Gallery presents, “Street Dreams”, a two-person exhibition by Christopher de Leon and Eric “Emagn” Nodora. Illustrating the lives and spirit of the less fortunate in San Francisco.
StreetDreams by Christopher de Leon and Eric "Emagn1" Nodora In a big city where so many come with high hopes and the pursuit of a dream, life can be more than rough- it can be downright cruel and unforgiving. There are those who have had more then their fair share of misfortune and still struggle to survive. The few words scrawled onto makeshift cardboard signs do little to tell their story. Much like their dreams, these wandering urban nomads soon disappear and become one with the city’s landscape. Their outer shell may be beaten up and a little less for wear, but inside a soul still remains. (more…)